Hi, I'm Ewoud

I've been a growth marketer since 2012 and I've learned a lot. My insights are shared on this website and in my courses.

The courses are based on the trainings I've given at The Talent Institute - a growth hacking traineeship - since 2015.

Companies I've co-founded

Replicable is a low-code automation agency. Streamline your processes with low-code automation to save time & focus on work that matters.

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Noony is a comfort wear brand with oversized hoodies. Hanging out and relax in these comfortable XXL hoodies in custom prints.

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Klaviyo & CRO agency with a focus on D2C e-commerce brands. Founded the company in 2014 and exited in May of 2022.

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The 5 core values behind all my work

These principles are important to me.

Focus On Impact - Entrepreneur Webflow Template

Focus on Impact

Everything I do is focussed on making impact. How do I achieve 80% of the results with 20% of the work?

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Building assets

Creating leverage by sharing my knowledge in assets, so you can reproduce results in your own time.

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Feedback is a gift. I love improving myself, my way of working and I'm always trying to improve. I try to improve 1% every day.

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North Star Metric

Starting with the end in my end gives clarity & focus. What's the ONE thing that will make the difference?

Be Collaborative - Entrepreneur Webflow Template

Be Collaborative

I love sharing knowledge and working together with your team as a coach, mentor or sparring partner.

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