Marketing can feel overwhelming

Starting a career in marketing can feel like stepping into a labyrinth. You're excited but quickly find yourself at a crossroads, faced with an overwhelming number of paths. Each path represents a different skill to master, a different tool to learn, or a different strategy to implement. It's easy to feel lost, questioning your choices and even your own abilities. If you're a starting marketer, chances are you're grappling with one or more of these 4 core challenges:

"How do I actually do this?"

The realisation that reading articles and academic knowledge don't translate into real-world skills, leading to the question, "How do I actually do this?"

"I wish I had more support"

The daunting feeling of having to navigate the complexities of the marketing world without a mentor, leading to the question, "How do I cope by myself?"

Managing growth is overwhelming without a framework

You're committed to achieving your growth KPIs, but the path to success seems elusive. If you're grappling with unclear metrics, bottlenecks, and data overload, it's time for a targeted approach. Enter the Growth Manager—your personalised roadmap to growth success.

"It's so much. Where do I begin?"

The paralysing feeling of being swamped by countless tools, tactics, and growth hacks, leading to the question, "Where do I even begin?"

"How do I improve 1 skill at a time?"

The absence of a clear learning track, leading to the question, "What should I focus on first, and in what order?"

Don't navigate the maze without a map.

"You're not alone—every marketer starts where you are now. Don't navigate the maze without a map. Here's your tailored guide to mastering marketing, one step at a time."

Being a (new) manager in marketing can be overwhelming

Transitioning from executing campaigns to managing growth and stakeholders is like entering a new world. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

Back to square one: your career as a manager

Just when you thought you had marketing figured out, the game changes. How do you adapt without feeling like a beginner again?

Unclear KPIs confuse your growth path

You know you want to grow, but without clear KPIs, you're essentially shooting in the dark. This lack of direction can be both confusing and demotivating.

The Prioritisation Puzzle

With a multitude of growth projects, choosing the right one feels like a guessing game, leading to decision paralysis.

Stakeholders: a completely new game

Managing multiple stakeholders is a far cry from solo campaign building. How do you keep everyone on the same page?

.. without the right skills to leverage your new role

You're not alone in facing these mid-level marketing challenges. But you don't have to navigate them alone. Transform these hurdles into stepping stones for your career

Fast-track your marketing career

Feel stuck in the marketing maze? We've laid out a clear path for you to follow. This tailored learning track is designed to directly address the challenges you face as a marketer. Let's fast-track your marketing career and turn those hurdles into stepping stones.

Choose your learning path

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Full Package
Access to all premium content (guides, templates, automation playbooks)
Access to 2-day bootcamp
3-month coaching programme

Get weekly growth tips to accelerate your growth

Get impactful tips on strategy, growth marketing and working smarter.

How this is different from online courses

Immediate Application

The content is structured around the most comment issues for marketers at your level.

Lifetime Updates

Stay ahead with lifetime access to all future course updates - updated monthly.

Work together with peers

Enhance your skills through peer-to-peer learning sessions.

Level up your marketing skills

Let's gain some XP and level you up in the game that's called marketing with practical skills.

Field-tested by 1000's of marketers

More than 1000 marketers have followed my trainings and have gained valuable skills. The content is based on their feedback to be applicable in the real world.

Learn at your own pace

Either study on your own with online access, join a 2-day bootcamp or get extensive coaching if needed.

The content is designed with busy marketers inmind.

Foundational knowledge on growth

The guides don't just tell you what to do; they explain why it's important, grounding you in the fundamental principles of marketing.

Playbooks: the step-by-step guides to implement the skills

Get exact, step-by-step guides that walk you through complex marketing tasks, demystifying the process.

Plug-and-Play Templates

Accelerate your growth journey with my pre-designed templates. Available in both Notion and Google Sheet formats, these templates are designed to save you time and effort, letting you focus on what really matters.

Bonus access to books, tools & automations

Gain access to a curated list of books, tools, and additional templates to further enhance your marketing skills.

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