Notion setup

A walk-through of how I've set up my Notion workspace to get an overview on my projects, tasks and notes.

For my personal use, I use Notion for all my notes, tasks & other management. (For my agency, we use Asana).

The methodology I use, is called 'Second Brain' by Tiago Forte.

Notion works with linked databases, so you can quickly go from one page to the next.

Project Management

The first layer are the projects, something with a set end date. An example of a project is "migrate the newsletter"

There's always more tasks you can do than you have time. It's important to have a single overview of all your tasks

If there are too many tasks, there are probably too many open projects. If that's the case, I rebalance my task list by moving projects (and all the tasks linked to it) to a later moment in time.

Doing impactful work, usually starts on a project level - moving that project forward. I use the task view and select that one project to give me focus. I add any tasks that need to happen and break it down into the smallest elements.

Task list

Another view of the tasks, I use is the date based overview. It's a simple overview of the time-based tasks I have to do.


Probably the most important database in Notion are my notes. I've been taken notes for years and years and it's been very helpful.

Weekly Review

Doing a weekly review, helps me close off a week and reflect on what went well and what can be improved. At the end of the year, I'm re-reading the weekly reviews and write a yearly review.

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