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You're always on the hunt for the latest growth hacks and quick-fix tactics, right?

But here's the kicker: these short-lived strategies often lose their spark, leaving your growth stunted and your efforts in vain. They're not just shiny distractions; they actively prevent you from reaching your true growth goals. Why? Because they divert your attention away from addressing the core issues that fuel sustained growth. Following this path of quick wins leads to burnout, stress, and frustratingly, keeps you miles away from your long-term ambitions.

Get clarity on your ecommerce growth vehicle

Think of it like building a race car designed for speed, not a vehicle that tries to do everything like fly, float and cycle. When your goal is crystal clear, every component of that race car is fine-tuned for one purpose – speed. And once it's built, you're not done yet. You hit the track for test runs, tweaking and refining until you know you’re ready to win that race.

Trial & error takes a long time and is painful.

Figuring this out on your own sucks. Trial & error takes a long time and is resource-intensive and painful. Even worse? You might be working on the wrong aspects altogether. This is where my expertise comes into play. Over the past decade, I’ve helped numerous companies (, Koffievoordeel, SOPHIA MAE, Aimforthemoon) to scale and I have trained over 1000 marketers. I know your problems and I’ve solved them before. My role is to cut through the noise, providing you with a clear, efficient roadmap.

Your growth systems may not be performing optimally

Currently, your growth systems may not be performing optimally, which likely explains the less-than-ideal results and the temptation to fall back on those quick hacks. But here's the real deal: the secret to consistent growth isn't in chasing new tactics, but in honing the efficiency of your existing systems. As James Clear brilliantly puts it, “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.“ It's about enhancing what's already in place, elevating your baseline so that achieving your goals becomes a smoother ride.

Think like a growth architect

This principle applies perfectly to your growth systems as well. It's all about crafting them with the bigger picture in mind and meticulously fine-tuning each component. Instead of getting sidetracked by the latest flashy tactics, the real game-changer lies in elevating the systems you already have in place.

There is a better way with the sustainable growth program.

The course is created for busy people like you - it's just 90 minutes long and gives you the most essential and impactful tips. And the course is practical - we'll implement the tips immediately in the course together.

Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to clarity. Enrol now and transform your professional life—one focused and fulfilling day at a time.

Get instant access for €97

Growth levers training

Getting your entire team up to speed with online training about methodology.

Conversion boost

Doing an audit on conversion rates & plan for your team to implement all the necessary steps.

Increase marketing profit

Stop profit-killing campaigns, maximise profitable campaigns

Increase CLV

Increase basket size and customer lifetime value with tactics & marketing automation.

Better ecommerce management

Setting up the right processes for less mistakes, less stress in the team and clear responsibilities.

Hire & onboard new people

Hire new people on your team to accelerate growth even further. Onboarding for these new team members is included.

Leave work at work

Achieve a delightful balance between your professional commitments and personal life. This balance fosters a healthier, happier lifestyle, where work satisfaction and personal contentment coexist harmoniously.

What will I learn in the course?

Practical video lessons what will teach you:

Time Management

Prioritise your projects, tasks & calendar proactively. Learn how to schedule time for important work ahead of time. Learn how to have faster meetings, or even how to ditch some meetings altogether.

Doing a time audit to see where your time is actually going
Learn to schedule & build the ideal week planning
How to actually schedule time for important ( & not urgent) work
Building buffer time in your calendar to reduce stress

Inbox Management

Spend less time on your inbox & have 0 emails. Learn the tips & tricks to process your inbox in only 30 minutes or less, regardless how many emails you receive.

How to reduce inbox overload
A system for Gmail and Outlook to work 2x faster
A process to quickly process your inbox
Improve your email communication to look more professional

Focus Management

Learn how to focus better and get the important work done. Practical tips to reduce distractions and maintain your focus.

Tips to reduce external distractions
How to stop being distracted by thoughts popping up
Better team communication ( & less chats)
How to work async to save you and your team a lot of time


As a company, we were looking to improve our knowledge to further enhance our customers' growth strategies. With Ewoud's in-depth knowledge and a nice pace of new information, we loved every session. With newfound inspiration, we almost immediately saw an increase in our customers' results. In addition, we felt more confident with the tools Ewoud provided. We would recommend Ewoud with 5/5.

Menno van Gerven

Marketing Manager, DoubleSmart

In our growth strategy session, Ewoud systematically and thoroughly reviewed our funnel. Although we are experienced marketers, Ewoud gave us fresh insights and practical tips for each step of the funnel through his probing questions. The combination of lightning-fast strategic and creative thinking, a systematic approach, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm is what makes Ewoud's approach both fun and valuable.

Marloes van Gasteren

CEO Springlab

The Growth Hacking sessions by Ewoud where very valuable for me. I was still new in Growth Hacking when he trained me. He really gave me inspiration and tools how to approach growth hacking. This kickstarted my career and the tips he gave me in the sessions where very applicable and valuable in my job as Growth Hacker. Even now, a few years later I consult Ewoud about this topic. I really like working with Ewoud and he always has been an inspiration.

Joël Monté

Growth Marketeer at De Strategiefabriek

We are a startup and we worked with Ewoud on our marketing strategy, and it was very helpful! His structured way worked well for us. As a startup, we really appreciated his structured plans and growth compass as well as helping us to understand our customers. So we really recommend working with Ewoud for strategic marketing plan and get advise on execution of it.

Kristina Palovicova


The Growth Session with Ewoud was a confirmation for our marketing team about the direction we're taking. Next to that, Ewoud gave the team an outsider perspective that was sharpening our focus and execution.

Peter-Paul de Leeuw

CEO, Amberscript

The critical and structured way of working with Ewoud is very valuable for creating the right growth plan for our company. Experience, passion and a 'let's go' mentality is exactly what we needed. Therefore we will continue our collaboration with Ewoud and would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with creating the right growth plan.

Michelle Wolters

Co-founder Klup

Ewoud is a smart guy and a great sparring partner. He has extensive knowledge of various platforms and can therefore quickly give tips. Ewoud adds the most value in solving growth challenges in an abstract way and in unravelling the principles behind the problem. In this way, Ewoud helps to structure growth and finds growth opportunities.

Olaf Arkauer

Owner Suite 702

Ewoud has been coaching me for the last couple of months. He provided me with the right tips to gain more focus in my work, set long- and short-term goals and make more strategic decisions. Thanks to Ewoud, my day-to-day work is clear and fixed, whilst working on goals that help our business grow. I would highly recommend this growth coaching to all (growth) marketing professionals.

Machteld van der Does

Allround Marketeer, SOPHIA MAE

Ewoud helped us find impactful improvements in our retention funnel in just a couple of sessions. He proposed a framework that fit our business model, and used that to dive deeper into certain areas for improvement. He asked the right questions, and challenged our current approach when needed. All in all, Ewoud is able to combine high level strategic thinking and detailed campaign-expertise - which proved to be a great combination for our marketing team.

Christoph van der Klaauw

COO, Snappcar

Amazing workshop. Thanks a lot. Really helped me (re)organizing my planning, agenda and email with loads of practical tips. But most importantly, a wakeup call to change my mindset towards tasks, priorities and planning.

Gaby Ghusen

Digital Innovator | The Talent Institute

The sessions were very useful in dissecting our key KPIs (Revenue and CLV) into the underlying metrics and their interrelationships. By building KPI trees and customer journeys, I gained insight into the types of drivers that can accelerate certain growth.

Jesper Elders

Ecommerce Manager at Decathlon

Super handy training, full of practical tips & tools!

Laurens Spiele

About Ewoud

Ewoud Uphof is an experienced growth marketer and certified growth optimiser. He started full-funnel marketing in 2012, long before it was called 'growth hacking'.

As Head of Growth he has helped grow 50+ companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

In the past decade he has co-founded multiple companies.

About Ewoud

What you'll learn in the course


What is this course made for me?


This course is crucial for anyone looking to improve their productivity, especially in managing multiple projects. It focuses on prioritisation, efficient planning, and practical productivity strategies. If you're juggling various projects and want to complete them all effectively, this course is for you.

Can the course fee be reimbursed by my employer?


Absolutely! Many employers value continuous learning and offer reimbursement. Either 1) you pay for the course and can get an invoice by emailing me with all the information, or 2) request an invoice and once the amount is paid, I'll give you access. It means you don't have to upfront the money. Contact me in that case.

Do you offer team licenses too?


And if you're considering empowering your team with productivity skills, I can provide you with a single invoice for multiple licenses. You'll get unique sign-up codes that don't expire, so your team can sign up now, or in the future. Reach out if you are interested in this option.

How long will it take to see results, and what does the course involve?


I bring extensive experience in growth marketing and project management, having run multiple experiments and campaigns for various companies. My remote work experience since 2015 has allowed me to refine these productivity techniques over the years, ensuring they are effective and adaptable.

What expertise and experience do you bring to this course?


I bring extensive experience in growth marketing and project management, having run multiple experiments and campaigns for various companies. My remote work experience since 2015 has allowed me to refine these productivity techniques over the years, ensuring they are effective and adaptable.

Is there support available during the course?


While there is no formal support structure, I am available via email for any questions you might have during the course.

Do participants get lifetime access to the course materials?


Yes, upon purchase, you will have lifetime access to all the course materials.

Is there a refund policy?


If you don't like the course, I'll refund you within 30 days. The only requirement is that you have watched at least 2 lessons. If you don't like you, just email me for a refund and I'll give you a 100% refund.Please note that I can't refund the course if you've completed the course.

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Learn how to focus better and get the important work done
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