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Get the most out of Gmail and learn how to work faster, so you can focus more time on doing marketing. Set up Gmail for max productivity with these smart hacks.

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About Ewoud

Ewoud Uphof

Ewoud Uphof is an experienced Growth Hacker, certified funnel optimiser and investor.

In the past decade he has co-founded multiple companies. As Head of Growth he has helped grow 50+ companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. He has worked for Camptoo,, Sophia Mae, Koffievoordeel and many more.

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As a marketer, you know that in a customer journey many moving parts exist. Your Facebook campaign can be so creative and executed perfectly, but if the website is down, it doesn’t matter. The same principle applies to how to manage your personal email. You can be a great marketer, but if you spend all of your time responding to emails and not getting things done, it doesn’t matter.

As a growth marketer I live by the principle “Optimise 1% every day”. That means everything you do makes small incremental changes that compound over time. Saving 10 minutes daily will save you almost a full day at the end of the year. Small things add up.

When I started applying the ‘1% every day’ rule to how I configure and use Gmail I 2X my productivity on email. I was able to spend way less time on email and more time on setting up experiments, building campaigns and working on a growth strategy.

If you want to get more done, you need to spend less time on email. The skills and tricks you’ll learn in this guide compound each day you use Gmail.

The first step is to configure Gmail correctly. From there there are many practical tips you can implement today to manage the mountain of email in a much better way.

After you’ve set up Gmail for success, I’ll give you dozens of super practical tips to work superfast in Gmail, so you spend more time on things that matter. Each tip can be implemented immediately and will save you time immediately.

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I hope you enjoy reading this free guide.

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