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Productivity for Marketers

Massively increase team productivity. Run more campaigns & experiments and realise your growth goals - Everything you need to become a true master of productivity. Ewoud has trained Decathlon teams since 2019.

Based on the daily job of a marketer
Principles that will last your entire career
Practical tips you can implement tomorrow

Ewoud gave the team an outsider perspective that was sharpening our focus and execution.

Peter-Paul de Leeuw, CEO, Amberscript

Teaching Growth
In-company training for:
The Talent Institute

Skills your team will gain

During the training I will provide your team with real-life cases and adapt examples to your situation to make it recognisable and understandable.

Get a better grip on projects

Create room for error, learn how to collaborate better and find hidden tasks and add them to the timeline too.

Learn how to say 'no'

Set boundaries to get the MOST important projects done and say no to mediocre marketing projects.

Less stress in the team

Working together, together. Create rules about communication and learn how to escalate when something goes wrong.

How to manage your time better

Learn how to create a weekly planning with enough buffer for unexpected things happening.

How to get more focus time in a week

Scheduling rules to create as much uninterrupted time as possible, so you can work on those important campaigns.

Time Management Principles

Learn principles about time management that will stick with you for the rest of your life that make a difference.

Minimise smartphone distractions

Get a control on your phone's notifications and set it up for a healthy work environment.

Minimise desktop distractions

Set up your laptop to get more done and work more efficient without distractions.

Communication Guidelines

Learn communication principles, i.e. when to use chat vs email.

How to get the most of Gmail

Learn tips & tricks in Gmail to work more efficiently in Gmail with settings you didn't know about.

How to process email

Learn how to process your email so you don't miss anything while spending less time on email.

How to send better emails

Principles to send better emails, so you have less back-and-forth and you'll be perceived more senior.

Menno van Gerven

PPC Specialist

As a company, we were looking to improve our knowledge to further enhance our customers' growth strategies. With Ewoud's in-depth knowledge and a nice pace of new information, we loved every session.

With newfound inspiration, we almost immediately saw an increase in our customers' results. In addition, we felt more confident with the tools Ewoud provided. We would recommend Ewoud with 5/5.

Teaching since 2015

This full-day training is meant for marketing teams that want to make an impact and want to improve their growth operations, one marketer at a time.

Ewoud Uphof teaching TTI

About Ewoud

Ewoud Uphof

Ewoud Uphof is an experienced Growth Hacker, certified funnel optimiser and investor.

In the past decade he has co-founded multiple companies. As Head of Growth he has helped grow 50+ companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. He has worked for Camptoo,, Sophia Mae, Koffievoordeel and many more.

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Who is this training for?

The groups usually consist of marketeers in the first 2 years of their profession. Some people still come back after a year or 2, because I'll give multiple layers so you'll learn something new even if you have more experience.


Where will you give the training?

The in-company training is given on location in your office or in a conference location of your preference. I'm flexible :-)


How many people can attend?

The maximum group size is 20 people, so we can keep it interactive. If there are more people, IT issues will slow a group down and I can provide less value.


Do you give this training one-on-one as well?

The in-company is meant for larger groups, but I can give the training in a smaller setting as well. Alternatively, check out the Productivity for Marketers ebook.