Customer segmentation

The practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests, spending habits, etc.

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Google Sheets

Analyse data and collaborate effectively with Google Sheets, an essential tool for marketers working with reports.


Manage leads and track sales opportunities effectively with Pipedrive, the CRM platform tailored for marketers.


Automate your marketing workflows and engage with leads effectively with Autopilot, saving time and boosting conversions.


Empower your marketing efforts with ActiveCampaign's powerful email automation and personalisation capabilities.

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What you'll learn

What you'll learn

About Ewoud

Ewoud Uphof is an experienced growth marketer and certified growth optimiser. He started full-funnel marketing in 2012, long before it was called 'growth hacking'.

As Head of Growth he has helped grow 50+ companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

In the past decade he has co-founded multiple companies.

About Ewoud

Cultivate a mindset that thrives on challenge and sees failure as a springboard for growth.

Customer segmentation


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