Productivity for Marketers

Learn tools and hacks to optimise your work week, including time-saving techniques and email marketing automation. This is crucial for anyone seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency in their professional life.

Unlocking productivity: a marketer’s guide to efficient campaigns and optimised funnels

In the fast-paced world of marketing, time is not just a resource; it's the currency of success. But how often do you find yourself caught in the whirlwind of meetings, losing precious hours that could be spent on crafting impactful campaigns and fine-tuning your marketing funnels? Let's explore how you can reclaim your time and harness the power of productivity to elevate your marketing efforts.

Redefining productivity: beyond the busy badge

Productivity, especially in marketing, isn't about ticking off tasks from an endless to-do list. It’s about strategic investment of your time and energy. Imagine designing a system where every action taken is purpose-driven, propelling you towards your marketing goals. This approach isn't just efficient; it’s transformative.

Principles of productive marketing

  1. Focused Task Management: In a world where multitasking is glorified, we emphasise the power of singularity. By focusing on one task at a time, such as developing a marketing campaign or analysing funnel metrics, you enhance the quality and effectiveness of your work.
  2. Prioritisation and Scheduling: Utilise tools like Notion, Monday, Clickup, Trello or Asana or  for task prioritisation and scheduling. These platforms help you visualise your workflow, ensuring that your energy is channelled towards high-impact marketing activities.
  3. Leveraging Automation: Embrace automation tools like Zapier and Pipedream to streamline repetitive tasks. Automating email campaigns or social media postings frees up more time for creative and strategic thinking.

Embracing a productivity mindset

Remember, true productivity in marketing is about making informed choices. It's about saying no to non-essential meetings and saying yes to activities that align with your marketing objectives. It's about working smarter, not harder, to create marketing magic.

As you navigate through the intricate web of marketing, remember that these strategies are just the beginning. For those eager to delve deeper into the art of productivity in marketing, our comprehensive course awaits. Here, you will unlock the full spectrum of tools, techniques, and insights to transform your marketing productivity.

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Digital Workspace

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An integrated technology framework that centralizes the management of an enterprise's applications, data, and collaboration tools to facilitate a secure and efficient virtual work environment.

Project Management

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The application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.


Collaborate seamlessly and organise data-driven projects with ease using Airtable, enhancing productivity for marketers.


Elevate your campaign planning and execution with Asana, streamlining project management for marketing teams.


Simplify scheduling and enhance client interactions using Calendly, and easily build marketing automations on top of meetings.


Gain valuable insights and assistance in decision-making and content creation with ChatGPT, your digital marketing assistant.


Create visually stunning content and graphics effortlessly with Canva, enhancing the impact of your marketing materials.


Collaborate efficiently and execute campaigns seamlessly with ClickUp, improving productivity for marketing teams.


Boost productivity by eliminating distractions with Freedom, allowing you to focus on growth strategies and tasks.

Google Calendar

Stay organised and meet deadlines effortlessly with Google Calendar, simplifying scheduling for busy marketers.

Google Sheets

Analyse data and collaborate effectively with Google Sheets, an essential tool for marketers working with reports.

Google Tasks

Keep your to-do list in check and stay organised with Google Tasks, enhancing your daily productivity as a marketer.

Google Workspace

Enhance collaboration, communication, and document sharing within your marketing team using Google Workspace.

Inbox When Ready

Take control of email distractions and improve focus with Inbox When Ready, boosting productivity in marketing activities.


Securely manage passwords and access accounts effortlessly with LastPass, ensuring smooth and secure marketing operations.


Create engaging video content effortlessly with Loom, enhancing communication and engagement with your audience.


Organise, plan, and document strategies and projects effectively with Notion, your collaborative workspace for marketing.


Plan, track, and manage projects efficiently with Monday, the versatile work operating system for marketing teams.

Process Street

Ensure consistent process management and documentation with Process Street, optimising marketing workflows effortlessly.


Automate workflows and integrations seamlessly with Pipedream, connecting various tools to streamline marketing operations.


Streamline project management and resource planning with Simplicate, optimising your marketing team's efficiency.


Streamline repetitive tasks and processes by connecting various apps and tools seamlessly with Zapier, saving time for growth marketers.


Design and build websites without coding, giving you creative control and freedom over your web projects as an entrepreneur.


Gather valuable insights and feedback from your audience with engaging surveys and forms created using Typeform.


Simplify task organisation and campaign management with Trello, enhancing productivity for marketers on the go.


Analyse productivity and optimise work routines with Toggl, tracking time spent on tasks and projects as a growth marketer.


Stay on top of to-do lists and projects with ease using Todoist, a simple yet effective task management tool for marketers.

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Master your Workweek


What you'll learn

Get more done with less stress

Go from overwhelmed to full control. Learn how to get more done with less stress with practical tips that you can implement immediately.

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What you'll learn

Get a grip on your workweek
Learn to schedule & build the ideal week planning
Spend less time on your inbox & have 0 emails
Learn how to focus better and get the important work done

About Ewoud

Ewoud Uphof is an experienced growth marketer and certified growth optimiser. He started full-funnel marketing in 2012, long before it was called 'growth hacking'.

As Head of Growth he has helped grow 50+ companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

In the past decade he has co-founded multiple companies.

About Ewoud

Designate uninterrupted time slots for deep work to boost efficiency and output.

Discover how to enhance project management with iterative, adaptable planning and execution.

Integrate intentional breaks between tasks to enhance focus and prevent burnout.

Utilise browser extensions to augment your online efficiency and workflow.

Protect your digital assets by implementing robust security protocols and systems.

Prioritise tasks by urgency and importance to maximise productivity.

Implement strategic pauses in your workflow to reassess priorities and prevent burnout.

Cultivate a mindset that thrives on challenge and sees failure as a springboard for growth.

Utilise available resources to maximise the impact and efficiency of your efforts.

Invest in paid advertising to secure prominent placement in search engine results.

Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Implement short, time-boxed periods to complete work and review progress in agile frameworks.

Enhance account security by requiring two forms of identification upon login.

Strategically manage the relationship with those invested in your project’s success.

Establish a set of step-by-step instructions to achieve efficiency in operations.

Measure the efficiency of resource usage to optimise operational performance.

Productivity for Marketers


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Building a Second Brain

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Master your Workweek

Get more done with less stress

Go from overwhelmed to full control. Learn how to get more done with less stress with practical tips that you can implement immediately.

Get a grip on your workweek
Learn to schedule & build the ideal week planning
Spend less time on your inbox & have 0 emails
Learn how to focus better and get the important work done
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